Hello, Paradeigm!

 You can check out my  LinkedIn here.

You can check out my LinkedIn here.

First of all, thank you for checking out my work. It's a unique opportunity to work with such an impressive crew, and I'm thankful even to be considered. I love the work that you did for James Coffee Co. and Atacma Surf Shop, beautiful execution. As much as I love design, I love seeing a brand take shape even more. A beautiful website or packaging is one thing, seeing it come to life, in use is another. I will never grow tired of that. 

Have a look at my site, feel free to google my name and when you're ready, give me a call so I can meet you guys in person. I'm just showing you some of my recent interactive work here. However, I can do much more than that; you can see the rest of my work by clicking here.

Patrick Fore

*By the way, as a professional courtasy, please keep my application on the down-low for the time being.

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San Diego CA
Goal: Sales Leads
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Truck City Ford
Austin, Texas

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Gene Messer Accessoroes
Lubbock, TX
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